Filofabulouss Haul


Oh the excitement…..the actual excitement! As soon as it was posted on Instagram that Filofabulouss had released some new goodies I just had to order. I had been on the shop a few times tempted to place an order but when I saw the new stickers I just had to order!

They arrived in a gorgeous black envelope with a Filofabulouss sticker on which made me excited as soon as they came through the door!


Ohhhhhh all the stickery goodness!


I could have went absolutely mad but I limited myself to 4 sheets of stickers and a dashboard!


This is the very first dashboard I have ever purchased but as a new mum I had to have this… ‘I Mommed Like A Boss’. I can’t say I mom like a boss every day but the days I do I feel super proud of myself and this will be a lovely boost. It’s positive reinforcement while being ridiculously cute!


I also got the stickers to match!!!


I am a self professed Netflix addict so this set of stickers was a must have as Netflix will always win!


I also have the mouth of a sailor so I absolutely love this and the next set of stickers. They tick all the boxes, super cute, pink hair, cat and cursing! Love it. It’s me in a nutshell!


Absolutely love these stickers and will one million per cent be ordering again. Love the shop and the shipping from the UK to Ireland was ridiculously quick!


Oh and this gorgeous little freebe was thrown in.. I love it! Thanks so much!

The stickers were €2.29 a sheet and the dashboard was €1.76 so all very reasonable!

Thank you guys for reading… I am sure I will be back with more!



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