Katie Elizabeth Plans Haul


First up I need to apologise for the quality of the photographs in this post… They are awful… but the reason behind that is the fact that I was so excited to get using these stickers I just lost the plot!

I ordered from Katie Elizabeth Plans on Etsy on the evening 3rd of July and with us both being in Ireland I received them super quick on 09th of July (weekend in between)!

I’ve never ordered kits or anything like that before and to be honest I still don’t really know how to use them so I was delighted to see that Katie Elizabeth Plans offered what are called ‘Glitch Bags’. They are basically bags that are lower in price because they may have some slight flaw to them but they are still totally usable.

I purchased 2 bags, a random glitch bag and the glitch bag from a kit called ‘Stay in Bed’


This is the ‘Stay in Bed’ Kit. You get 4 pages of stickers for €3.75. You can purchase them here


I absolutely love the colour scheme of this and am going to use it in my Soft Pink Domino. It may be slightly more on the autumnal side but I just think it’s fab!


I think this was a little freebe that was thrown in! Super cute bows on all these little goodies!


Lots of pretty stickers!


Each of those top three squares is divided into 4 separate stickers.


Look at those to do list hearts!


I can really see me actually using all of these stickers.


Next up is the Random Glitch Bag. This holds 10 full pages and there were also three smaller pages of stickers in there too!! This one is available here and costs €6.50


More gorgeous flowers and in much more summery colours! This is from the Blogger Social kit.


To do lists! These are from the Poolside kit.


More pastels, I believe this is from The Beach Day kit.


More fab to do flags! This again is from the Poolside kit.


I will find so many uses for this page from the HP Mint kit.


This one is also from the HP Mint kit and I am in love with those pink to do boxes!


I am not sure if this page or the next page are from kits but they are going to be super useful none the less!



More fabulous to do flags, this time from the Blogger Social kit.


Cute little bow stickers, gorgeous monthly stickers and a large ‘Stay in Bed’ sticker were all in the bag. I hope to use the monthly ones for tabs 🙂


And lastly this is the last page in the bag from the Poolside kit. So summery and functional!

To say I am delighted with the bags is an understatement. I have already used some of them and I really don’t see any issues or problems with them. I am already trying to decide what to order next!

Happy shopping and thanks for reading


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