Pocket Stone Malden


Today I wanted to show you guys my new Pocket Malden in Stone. Since moving back to pocket I realised I was now short 4 Malden colours so I had to put that right. I hope to slowly collect all four colours but I knew I had to start with Stone.

As it is one of the newest colours they don’t seem to be that easily picked up unless you are willing to purchase through Filofax directly. I hate getting a brand new planner as I am usually way too scared to used them so I prefer to purchase second hand.

As soon as this one popped up on eBay I pounced!


Since it arrived I haven’t been able to move out of it. I also bought the Soft Pink Domino which arrived the same day and I am dying to move into it but I can’t seem to leave this beauty! The colour is fantastic for this time of year. It’s like a greyish, beigey fawn colour. Stone is probably the perfect name for it. Its a beautiful neutral for the summer.


As with all pocked Maldens you have the perfect pocket set up with little zipper and big back pocket. Malden is definitely my favourite of all the pocket size planners.


Isn’t it beautiful


I am so pleased with it and now the hunt continues for Fuschia, Kingfisher and Pear… along with potentially a Classic Croc if I am lucky enough 😉

Thanks so much for reading


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