Brooke Evah Prints


Recently I have really gotten back into planning which is great. I love my planners and I have such a variety of beautiful planners it’s terrible to see them going unloved. I moved back to pocket and have been really inspired through Instagram to start using my planner more and in a more creative way. I have always loved pocket size the most of all the sizes but I found myself using personal size because there is extra space on week on 2 pages and I have been so stuck to the standard week on 2 pages layout for so long I forgot how to enjoy my planner.

I decided to branch out to day on 1 page so I can add some pretty to my planner and still have room to us my planner for functional planning too.

I had seen lots of people raving about Peanuts Planner Co, Annie Plans Printables and other wonderful do it your self inserts but I had a really bad experience with DIY Fish years ago printing my own inserts I really didn’t feel like going through that hassle again so I decided to browse Etsy for pre-printed options.

I came across these from BrookeEvahPrints and decided to give them a go.


They arrived today in a super cute pink envelope with this white hard backed envelope inside. Inside that was this beautiful card and the inserts! I thought this was a really lovely personal touch and reminds you that you are supporting a small business which is always good.


Beautiful personalised card was such a lovely touch and anything handwritten is always extra special.


The inserts came in this cute polka dot paper bag sealed with ‘Handmade with Love’


There is even a cute BrookeEvah label around the inserts!


And these are the inserts I opted for. Day on one page with room for decorating and for planning. I really like them, they seem to be beautifully printed and the paper is nice and thick, but unfortunately they took a little while to get to me and me being as impatient as I am I have already printed from Annie’s Plans Printables and am using those for this month but I fully intend trying these next month. (They were super easy to print thankfully)

Here is the link to this particular insert but there are plenty of more options on the Etsy Store

Thanks for popping by


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