Penneys (Primark) Haul 04.03.18

IMG_20180304_190332 1

I should really just change this Blog’s name to ‘stuff I bought in Penneys’! Another selection of goodies I picked up in Penneys this week. Firstly after all the dodgy weather we have had with the Beast from the East and more on the way, we suffered with power outages. I saw these little power banks in Penneys weeks ago and kept meaning to pick one up so I was raging I hadn’t. First thing in my hand today in Penneys was two power banks, one for me and one for hubby! Lots of different styles to choose from too!

IMG_20180304_190344 1

I had heard a couple of good things about this foundation so decided to give it a whirl. Supposedly quite like my good old Estee Lauder double wear! If it is, for €6, I’ll be stocking up! The only had two shades in my local, Ivory which I chose as it was the slightly darker shade, and Porcelain. Nice shades for when you don’t have any tan on!

IMG_20180304_190349 1

Annnnnd some more nails. Can you tell I am absolutely addicted to their nails! I just wish my local had more of a selection! Every time a new set shows up in the store I nab them! These are gorgeous glossy pointed (which I think they also call them stiletto) plum colour called Showstopper.

IMG_20180304_190358 1

Pointed glittery called Diva Desire….

IMG_20180304_190408 1

And gorgeous pearly pointed called Mermaid Pearl. These are gorgeous and will go amazingly with my Irregular Choice Lazy Rivers!!

So that is the teeny haul I did this week. Let me know what you have found in your local Penneys.

Thanks for reading


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