Primark (Penneys) Nudes Contour Kit – First Impressions


Ola Lovely People! So I’ve been blabbing about picking this kit up in Penneys a week or so ago so I thought I would do a little show and tell. I haven’t actually used it yet because as a new mum I barely get a chance to put on foundation let alone contour! I am however very interested to see how it looks on. I might possibly get a chance to use it this week if I am lucky.



What you get is a cream highlighting duo pen thingy, a cream contour duo pen thingy, an eyebrow highlighter pencil and a brush/sponge duo for application.


Packaging is quite high end looking…. total rip off of the KKW kit but at a fraction of the price. Really pretty though if like me you keep a lot of your make up on display.


The brush is flimsy enough and I wouldn’t say the sponge will hold up to much either but I wasn’t really expecting very much for the money.




The brow highlight pencil is quite nice. a very cool/icy shade. It draws quite thin but can be used thicker.






The highlight duo is a bit of an odd one. the actual shimmery highlight bit is warm shimmery goodness but the other side is more like a concealer. It is very yellowy and because it is quite dark I wouldn’t call it very wearable for me, perhaps the shade would suit others but it’s one I think I will be passing on.






The contour duo is kind of what you would expect, two very dark cream shades. There are two different tones one is definitely a lot warmer than the other but I have a feeling these are something I am going to have to have a play around with to get right.

Anywho, for €8.00 you get a good bit of product but I am yet to say run out and buy it. Like I say I will try to get a chance to play around with it this week and if it is any good I will report back 🙂

Thanks so much for reading



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