Urban Decay PR Goodies


I am sure you all have noticed that I have not been that active on my blog…. well since it disappeared and all. And only this week I am deciding to have a trial run at returning to YouTube so you can imagine my total astonishment when these beautiful Urban Decay samples arrived in the post for me a couple of weeks ago!

It was a mystery trip to the collection office as I had missed the postie and I literally sat in the car looking at this shiny bubble wrap envelope filled with potentially amazing products for me to trial and near cried.

This is the first PR parcel I have had in years! I didn’t even think that the PR companies still had my name on file let alone my new address so I have to say a massive big thank you to the lovely Roisin for not forgetting all about me. I promise I am already testing the bejaysus out of these and will have reviews up soon.

This is just a quick first impressions post!


Urban Decay All Nighter is a pollution protection spray that promises environmental defense, using patented time release temperature control technology, while also making your make up stay in place all day. It should also help prevent oxidation of your make up that occurs due to pollution.  It’s oil fee and paraben free and I am excited to see if it if it gives my MAC Fix + a run for it’s money.


Rebound is a complexion priming spray infused with collagen. It is supposed to firm your skin while smoothing and boosting radiance. Along with priming it can also be used throughout the day to refresh your skin or at night as part of your bedtime routine. I am really looking forward to using this as a primer and to see how it works at night too.


Drop Shot is a skin softening oil that has been designed to mix in with your foundation to keep your skin conditioned with a dewy radiant glow. The word Oil usually scares the bejaysus out of me but I am willing to give this a whirl. Looking forward to seeing how it works with my Estee Lauder Double Wear which I can sometimes find a bit drying.


And lastly the Urban Decay Distortion Palette….. be still my beating heart!


Distortion 2

Just look at this amazing packaging. If it is one thing that UD know how to do, along with amazing make up, is out of this world packaging.

Distortion 3

And then when you open it, it just gets even better.

Distortion 4

Would you like a tissue??… I wouldn’t blame you if you are drooling! These colours!!!!! All shades are new apart from Blackout and the top row have colour changing properties so the combinations of this palette are pretty much endless! They have been laid out in lines of threes which can help in choosing which colours to use together but I would just go nuts and use evvvverything!

Distortion 5

You are welcome to continue drooling! 15 amazing shades all seem to be wonderfully pigmented, even the light shades which I think is always very telling. I find it hard to get a really good light shade that shows up as clearly as these.

Distortion 6

I thought the matte black would be the best shade to show you have the top row of colour changing shades work. They really transform the black into a beautiful variety of colours. LOVE IT! So I will definitely be playing around with this a lot more!

So that is just a little look see, show and tell of these Urban Decay goodies. Again I am so happy to be back at it and hopefully I will be able to dedicate the time to blogging and YouTube I used to.

Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading




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