Penneys Haul – Nude Collection, False Nails and Other Bits

You know when you pop to town just to pick up a prescription and some tea bags and you have the fantastic idea of sticking your head into Penneys while you wait for your prescription to be filled???? Yep I did that this week and this was the result.

As per my previous post, I am living for glue on nails at the moment and with the price of the Penneys ones you really can’t go wrong, so that is where I headed to first!


They had some of the beautiful looking ‘Nude’ collection they are launching in my local so I had a browse and picked up these four sets of nails. All gorgeous muted shades and a variety of different styles too!! Sorted for the days I want to look a little more sophisticated and demure! (don’t be laughing)



Of course I had to get my tack fix too so bring on the glitter, jewels, holographic and pierced nails for the days I’m feeling a bit more fun or have just watched a teensy bit too much Drag Race!



They seem to have literally just filled the Nudes stand and although it was mostly nails, there was an eyelash curler, some brushes I think and then this set so I grabbed it. This is a total knock off of the KKW contour sticks but for €8! Cheers Penneys… I’ll be giving it a whack for that price! I will try to pop back in the next few days see if anything else new has landed!


Stocked up on the good old nail buffers… cheap as chips!


And lastly this adorable little light for the wee man’s bedroom. We have it painted Duck Egg and white at the moment but that is as far as we have gotten, better get our arses in gear! his light is quite small but will be cute on his shelves. Haven’t tried it out yet but I am sure it will feature on my Instagram before long!

Anywho that was my impromptu visit to Penneys, spent far too much as usual!

Let me know if you have had any fantastic finds recently that I should keep my eye out for!

Thanks for reading



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