PS… False Nails from Primark/Penneys


Since having the bub, my wonderful bundle of joy, the amount of time I have to spend on myself has reduced dramatically! My days of heading off to get my Acrylics done every 3 weeks are dead and gone for the foreseeable future. I was realllllllly missing my long nails though, I hadn’t had them through my pregnancy after reading something online saying you should stay out of the fumes. I am one of those people that once I have read it that’s it I can’t get it out of my head and I couldn’t bring myself to get my nails done so it’s been over a year since I had long nails.

I had a rummage through my make up stash a week ago and found a set of Penneys glue on nails and decided to give them a whirl. They were on in a matter of minutes and I was delighted with them. The only thing is I wasn’t sure on the pointed tip so I trimmed them down.

With my first attempt a few did pop of in a day or two and to be honest the green was not sitting with me so I decided to pop to Penneys and pick up some more to try. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube to find the best way of applying them and tried again!


These are the ones I picked up. There wasn’t much of a selection the day I went in so I settled for these to try out.


Turned out quite well, the thumb did pop off a few minutes in but I glued it straight back on and not a bother on it. These are day 1.


Day 3 and they are still all on, a small bit of peeling at the top. Not sure if this is because I trimmed them or if they would have peeled anyway. I might leave the next set and see if it happens again. I washed out bottles a couple of times a day. The floors were bleached a couple of times and a lot of general cleaning, housework etc and they really seemed to be holding up.


Today marks day 6 and we started the day with a full set and still looking pretty dang good.


Again there was a good bit of peeling of the matte finish but it was barely even noticable.


Sadly after breakfast and a bit of cleaning we had a casualty…..


And about an hour later another one.


They were pretty much perfect and I was super tempted to stick them back on and see just how long I could get out of this one pair of stick ons… A week is pretty good but I reckon I could get a lot longer out of them.


So these are my nails after almost a week. I am definitely going to hunt some more down from Penneys and keep trying them out. Keep an eye out on here to see what I manage to find 😉

Thanks so much for reading



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