How To Change The Rings In A Gillio Pocket Mia Cara

Hello there you lovely folk! So last night I decided it was time to change the rings out in my Gold/Green Pocket Mia Cara. I bought it new to me a few weeks ago on the Gillio Facebook Marketplace and had tried to use it with the standard small rings (says 16mm on the website) but I just couldn’t fit all I wanted into it and still be able to easily turn the pages etc and it was driving me nuts. It was time to change them out for Krause 20mm rings.

In the past I had already changed the rings on my Pocket Purple and my Pocket Orange Mias so when I was tackling it this time I decided to try to film it. I had noticed on the Gillio Facebook page a lot of people ask about how to change the rings and I couldn’t find anything about it the first time I tried it so I thought this might fill the gap.

It has been about 3 years since I filmed a video and I usually do a very different type of video so I hope you can bear with me if it is a bit dodgy!

I have linked below the video Steve Morton’s YouTube video about how to remove the rings and I got my rings from Van der Spek.

Just a disclaimer, this is scary and you can potentially ruin your planner but if you are going to try it anyway this may help. Also Mella has advised that tackling any DIY stuff like this on your planner will void any warranty with Gillio. Please be sure you definitely want to do this before starting, there is a potential to ruin your expensive Gillio planner and you may well end up with it for life as I am not sure how easy it would be to resell a modified planner like this!

Anyway, with that out of the way, if you are crazy enough to follow in my footsteps please feel free to watch below and let me know how you get on…


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