Our Annual Trip to Dublin – Haul


Hello there my lovelies! So once a year myself and my sister head up to the Big City (Dublin) for a good old girls day of shopping which mostly consists of make up because shopping for clothes can be a pain in the arse and make up always fits 🙂

So here is a little show and tell of what I got. I am hoping to have a chance to do a video in the coming days too to show you swatches etc. A good chunk of this trip was spent re-purchasing things I love and then there are some new bits thrown in there too.


First up is one oldie but goodie and one newbie. I needed a new mascara so I decided to try out NYX Stacked as I didn’t really want to splash out on an expensive mascara and this little fellow was only €9.00. I am excited to see how it goes.

Next up is the good old NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I haven’t had this in years but I used to love how it would make bright eye shadows pop and lately I find I am reaching for my brighter eye shadows, as you do coming into winter!!, so this will come in handy. Price for this beauty is €7.00


Can’t go on a make up day without hitting MAC! We both wanted to pick up a new lipstick as it always feels like a treat when you get a new MAC lipstick. I chose D for Danger as a gorgeous berry red for the upcoming Holiday season! Love it! It set me back the usual €20.00.

I’ve always wanted to be able to bring my Fix+ with me in my make up bag but it is so huge it never happened so I finally bought a little itty bitty one for bringing with me. I love my Fix+ and would never be without it. This itty bitty beauty was €10.00.

And the last MAC treat was this Mini Pigment in Blue Brown. Last thing I thought I would be picking up but it is sooooo pretty. I fell in love. It looks tiny but I would say it will last me forever! This also cost €10.00.


I stopped at the Zoeva counter to repurchase some essentials that I use every day. I wanted to pick up a replacement for my eye primer which I adore and my Cat Eye Pen which has also run out and I just find it amazing. There were a couple of things I wanted to try too like their Graphic Brow pencil. It was a pity then when the counter had no liners and when I came home the lady had given me the Graphic Brow Fix so there may have been an online order placed for the bits I didn’t get on the day.

What I did manage to pick up were the Eyeshadow Fix in both Pearl and Matte at €9.50 each. Excited to try the Pearl version after loving and living in the Matte option for so long.

I also got the Graphic Brow Fix in Bistre by accident but am quite excited to try it and see how it works with the Graphic Brow pencil when it shows up. This cost me €10.50.


Something that I must always have in my make up bag is the Estee Lauder Illuminator primer. I adore this with my Long Wear foundation so will be a repurchase over and over. This cost me a whopping €34.00 but it is so worth it.


Lush had to be visited of course and I purchased my usual Charity Pot hand cream which I love. It’s a great hand cream for before bed and at €5 and for a good cause sure why wouldn’t you.

I have also heard good things about H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment and with my hair in the best condition it has been in years I want to keep it that way so I picked this up to help it stay in good condition. This was €13.50 but if it works it will be worth it.


Lastly I had to pick up some Halloween bits! One of my nieces favourite times of year is Halloween so we love to get dressed up with her! this year I am aiming for a Sugar Skull type vibe so these little bits from Penneys will hopefully help me along or piss me off altogether. Either way it looks like fun!

I love our little annual trips and am delighted with ally my bits. Hope you have enjoyed reading about them. I will hopefully get some reviews up about the new bits after I try them out.

Thanks so much for reading



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