Great Finds at Penneys


Hello there my lovelies, I though I might just share a few bits I have picked up in Penneys over the last few months that have quickly become some of my all time favourite products. They are seriously useful and don’t cost the earth.



Firstly is the super handy and multi functional Blend and Cleanse make up sponge cleanser. As an avid user of the good old Beauty Blender I use this pretty much every single day to cleanse my sponge before use and find it really does get my sponge nice and clean.

However, I also use this for doing the good old deep clean of my make up brushes. I was amazed when I saw the results, even on white brushes. It brought the white up like new!

For €2.50 it is definitely worth a purchase, I am on my second and fully intend replacing it when I run out. I see Penneys have more brush cleaning bits like brush holders etc that I intend picking up in the next few weeks so I will let you know how I get on with them.


Along the same lines as the sponge cleaner, Penneys Make Up Brush Cleanser is another big hit with me. This is fantastic for daily cleaning of brushes after use in between the deep cleans. A little spritz and a swish on a cotton pad and they are good to go for the next day! I really love this stuff! Again €2.50 is not going to beak the bank, a small price to pay for clean brushes!


I am all about handy little gadgets and the Pump Nail Polish Remover from Penneys is one of those handy little gadgets. Gone are the days of over pouring my nail polish onto a cotton pad and soaking everywhere in stinky! It’s handy and fuss free and for €1.50 you can’t go wrong!


Last up today is this foundation mixing palette thingy (Don’t you love my technical lingo). If like me you have the hardest skin on earth to match with a single foundation or you like to contour using different shades this is a must have. I have lost the packaging but I think this was around €4.00 and I wouldn’t be without it now! I used to have to mix shades on the back of my hand and that was messy but all of that is history now! It is great quality and I highly recommend it!

So that is just a few little bits for you to keep in mind for your next trip to Penneys. They seem to be really branching out when it comes to make up and beauty essentials. Myself and the Sister are off to the big smoke next week on a girly day of make up shopping so you should see some posts up after that.

Thanks for reading



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