Penneys Haul 06/04/17

Penneys April

This weeks little trip to Penneys seems to have been inspired by Mermaids and Unicorns… just like life.

I have been quite impressed by some of the bits from the PS… collection that keep popping up on my Instagram and I decided to finally give some of it a try. And obviously I needed yet another mug 🙂

Cup 1

‘Mermaid Hair Don’t Care’…… I most certainly don’t have Mermaid Hair unless mermaids look like piebald ponies that have been dragged through a bush backwards, but a woman can dream! Anyway I will give this to my niece with her juice whenever she is over because she has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It would make a mermaid jealous! The mug was €2.50.


Next up, the elusive Unicorn brushes that everyone has been after! I no more need any more brushes but I fell into the trap of ‘ohhhhh but they are so pretty’ so I nabbed them. At €9.00 for a set of 5 brushes plus a make up pouch it’s actually very reasonable. I did try to talk myself out of buying them as I only really needed the fan brush but when I found a fan brush on it’s own, it was €2.50 so I justified the purchase quickly after that!

They are very pretty brushes and the bag is actually very nice too. Can’t wait to try them out.

Cleanse Mit

These Mitts are another thing that keeps on popping up on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t really believe the claim that they remove makeup with just water so we shall see. You get 3 of them for €3.00 which in my opinion is a steal!…. If they work.


Years ago I used to have a dual ended mascara with white one end for building the lashes and black the other end. I have always missed it so I am hoping this Lash Primer will do as good. It promises a lot on the tube so lets hope it lives up to it. I’ve misplaced the receipt but I am almost sure that this was €2.50.


Since I was getting the lash primer it would have been rude not to try a mascara…. especially at €1.50.


This Holo highlighter stick looked amazing and just look at how much product you get for €4.00!!! You could highlight your whole body with this bad boy! This I am super dooper excited about. I have been looking for a really cool toned highlight for ages and this looks like the business.


And lastly, not from Penneys but from Argos, Babyliss True Smooth Lady Shaver. I am sick to the back teeth of hacking the sh1t out of my legs wet shaving so I decided it was time to get me a Lady Shaver. Summer is coming and all that so I can’t be rocking the gorilla look for much longer. Fingers crossed she’s a good’un. This only set me back €19.99.

Anywho I promise I will be getting some reviews up shortly, just need to get my arse in gear and get some photographs taken.

Thanks as always for reading.


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