Penneys Purchases 15.03.17


So who doesn’t love a little trip to Penneys! You will always find a little something something to treat yourself with without breaking the bank.

I can’t even remember what I wandered in for last week but I came out with some bits that I definitely didn’t need but sure it’s Penneys, it would have been rude not to.


I am a total mug addict so I love scoping out the mugs in Penneys. They always have such quirky mugs and for ā‚¬2.50 I find it hard to resist.


This little beauty was the top of the pick for me. You gotta make your dreams happen which is a fab little remind every time you have tea to keep your head up and fight on. Plus… its a marble print effect which is super cute.


This repurchase was necessary, my hair is being an absolute nightmare lately I can’t get nearly as long out a wash as I used to so I definitely will be relying on my sturdy batiste for the next while.


It felt so wrong buying summer shoes in March!!! but these were the last in my size so I said I better nab them while they were there! Fab rose gold mule type shoesies.


These will be so versatile in summer and will suit dressing up and casual wear. And seriously for only ā‚¬4.00 you can’t go wrong.

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