Penneys Haul 03.03.17


If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know I had my first little outing to Penneys in about 2 months the other day. I got tights too but I didn’t think you would be much interested in those πŸ˜‰

Everyone has been raving about the new PS… cosmetics that Penneys have in store at the moment so I decided to pick some up. Most of it was picked up when I was in the queue! Isn’t that how it rolls in Penneys. When you are in the queue you pick up everything that is looking at you!


So here they all are. I got a bit of a bargain on some of the PS… goodies too! Worth checking your local out!


It’s nearly the season to start wearing my bright lippies again so I got this lip scrub to prep me pout! I saw this on Instagram I think so am excited to try it. This was €3.00 but I got it reduced to €1.00


I have seen these Metallic Cream Eyeshadows on a few people’s Instagrams and Facebook so I got the two colours that were left. Again these were reduced from €2.00 down to €0.50 BARGAIN


I have the smaller version of this Flawless Finish Foundation brush that I have never actually used so I got the Foundation version and am going to try using these on my face for the next few weeks, see what all the fuss is about. This brush was €6.00.


This I have seen pop up a lot on the Interwebs so I was delighted to find it at my local, we don’t normally get any of the good stuff in my local. I cant wait to try this out. This cost €3.00


This wasn’t Penneys, this is from Choice, but I though I’d throw it in here because it looked like it was worth a try. It is a Colgate toothbrush but the bristles are infused with charcoal! It is probably just a gimmick but it was only €2.00 so I can’t wait to see how I get on with this. I have always been curious about those charcoal toothpastes so we’ll give her a go.

Anywho these are my few little bits that I purchased over the last few days so you can expect some reviews in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading



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