OnePlus 3T Unboxing

After weeks of charging my Samsung S5 3 times a day I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new phone!

Being an Android user I have so many options when looking for a new phone so I did weeks of research and I finally settled on the OnePlus 3T. I literally trawled through YouTube looking for the best option.

Because my contract is not up for another few months, and I don’t think I will be going back on contract again as I just don’t make use of it, I had to look at what the best value phone outside contract would be.

The unanimous winner on YouTube was the OnePlus so I took the plunge. It arrived on Monday after over a week (Thanks a million Storm Doris) and I have just set it up so I won’t be reviewing the phone for a minute but I thought I would show you some un-boxing pics so you can see what to expect if you are considering ordering.


As a new phone is quite a bit of an investment these days I ordered my phone with the Otter Box Achiever cover in Cardinal Red to keep it nice and safe. They both arrived tightly packed in this very nondescript brown box inside a plastic DHL envelope.


The box the phone comes in is very sleek and white… feels expensive!


And now on to the goodies inside the box. First up the phone obviously. You also get a Quick Start Guide, Safety Information and some Stickers. There is a SIM card tray removal tool, USB Type C Cable (IN RED!!!) and charger plug. This is a Dash charger for super quick charging!


I absolutely love how it was all packaged and the use of white and red is really fresh and different. That charger cable though, I love it!


And here is my beautiful new phone with is lurverly Otter Box cover! All very fancy


I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy to get cute, sparkly, unicorn covers for this phone like it was for my Samsung so I think I will have to get used to this Otter Box even though it wouldn’t normally be my style. I do like that it has a bit of swish on the back though…. They have a white version too….. might need that for Summer!

Anywho I am rambling now. So here she is in all her glory. I am going to use her now for the next few weeks and I will do a full review of her then. Price point… The phone was €479.00 for the 128GB version I got but you can get the 64GB for €439.00 and the 64GB version is available in Soft Gold as well as the Gunmetal colour I have. The Otter Box case was €24.95.

If you have any questions in the meantime shoot me a message on twitter or instagram or somewhere and I’ll be happy to help xx

Thanks for reading



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