MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson


Hello my darlings. As you may have seen in my recent post I picked up the MAC Viva Glam Taraji P Henson lipglass in Dublin to go with my beautiful matching lipstick. Now the pair is complete I thought I would show you just how magnificent they both are!


Packaging is the usual MAC Viva Glam style with Taraji’s signature across the front in red. There is just something so exciting about MAC packaging to me. It makes you feel like you’ve just spoiled yourself.


The lipstick itself comes in a red instead of the usual black! Bit gutted as it won’t match with all my others but ah well, variety is the spice of life and I am just a bit OCD is all.


The lipstick is a perfect raspberry shade. It applies quite matte but also has a slight pearlescence to it. Really beautiful if, like me, you like a good bold lip.


The Lipglass comes in very similar outside packaging just a bit longer.


Look at them sparkles! I have never actually owned a Lipglass from MAC before. Well not a full one. I had some mini ones once that came in a set but this is my first proper Lipglass. With colours like these I had to have it even though I am not usually a gloss girl.


Anywho… It has the same delicious scent as MAC lipsticks. It is quite a tacky gloss which I am partial to and actually gives quite a lot of pay off. If I had a day where I wanted a noticeable lip but nothing in your face I would be more than happy with this shimmery gloss. It gives fantastic shine on the lips and is a beautiful raspberry shade.


When I paired them together they gave the most amazing bold high gloss lip look! Ahmazing and definitely bright enough to pull off all through summer! I can’t wait to wear this combo more!

Hope this has helped you if you are considering buying these! I purchased the lipstick on  at a cost of £16.50 (and Parcel Motel) and I got the lipglass in Arnotts, for some reason it’s not on their website, I purchased it in store on Henry Street for €19.50.

Looking forward to extending my MAC lipstick collection even further!

Thanks for reading



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