Wedding Shoes Part 3 – Irregular Choice Florazzle Floral


These were a complete impulse buy but once they arrived I was in love! I bought these in the Schuh sale with 40% off! Bargain! They are still reduced so here is the link, limited sizes left though.

Anywho I had bought a pair of Flick Flacks in the same pattern as a possible for our wedding but they just never fit right so I sold them on. I was so excited when I found a lower heeled shoe in the same pattern. I am much better in a lower heel so I will probably get much more wear out of these.


I think these would be perfect as wedding shoes. They are romantic, flowery, feminine and just all around purrrrrty. If they had been released before my wedding I possibly would have ended up wearing these!


Sorry for the large quantity of photographs but I couldn’t stop taking pictures of these beauties!


I am raging I haven’t had a reason to wear these yet but I can’t wait for an excuse!


So there you have it. These are my third option for possible wedding shoes if you have your big day coming up!

Thanks so much for reading



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