Lust List Feb 2017


So my lovelies I have had a bit of an evening of lusting over things on the internet (dosed up with a cold so feeling sorry for myself). Anyway I thought I would share with you some of the things I am lusting after!! Since spring/summer are on the way I seem to have a bit of a bright theme on my hands.


First up I love make up… I love MAC lip products… I love the ethics of Viva Glam annnnd I absolutely love Taraji P Henson so when I heard Mac were doing a Viva Glam Taraji I hopped on the wagon and ordered the lipstick – review will follow when it arrives – but now I am totally lusting after the Lipglass. I am not normally a glossy girl but I think I may neeeeeeeed this. It looks amazing in the promo pics. You can pick this up from Brown Thomas for €19.50 and postage within Ireland is €3.50. Here’s the link…. thank me later…


Next up you know it’s a pair of Irregular choice! Sulu in this fabulous pink floral is to die for! I have Sulu in black glitter and adore them and all of my IC flats are dark colours like black or grey so I think I would rock these out for summer. How cute would they be with a pair of jeans and a bright t shirt! Really loving these in all the colours but definitely this shade for summer. You can get these on Shuh for €100.00 with free shipping or you can get them direct from Irregular Choice in the UK for £79.99 and shipping to Ireland is usually about £5.00

If you know me you know I love me a Filofax/planner of some kind and this year I am obsessed with duck egg blue. I may have just redecorated my office in duck egg and I love it!!! I have so much pink stuff and it all pops off the duck egg so beautifully! Anyway to keep up with my duck egg and planner buzz I would love this duck egg Original style Filofax!! My usual size is personal but I do love the Original style in the A5 size too!! This is just such a beautiful colour!! You can get it on Filofax for £69.00. It’s been a minute since I ordered from Filofax so not sure on their postage fees but here is the link anywho


My poor old Samsung S5 is starting to show it’s age! It’s slowing down, the camera is sticky and the battery needs to be charged 3 times a day so it will soon be time for an upgrade! I don’t want to go back to bill pay as I just don’t use a fraction of my minutes or texts (thank you viber) so I think I will be making the shift back to PAYG. Anywho if I do, after much research, I am thinking I may need the Oneplus 3t in my life! If I do take the plunge I will most definitely do a full review! You may even be looking at a video! Buying a new phone these days is such an investment you really do have to mull things over. Bring back the Motorola Razr! If you are looking for the 3t you can get them here



So I am a major RuPaul’s Drag Race fan and one of my most favourite Queens is Trixie Mattel. I just love her take on drag and what she has done since she left the show! I am crazy for this baseball shirt and these trainers! I think even if you haven’t a clue who Trixie is and you were just a bit girlie like me you would love these! She just embodies girlie barbie doll dreams!

So there you go, a bit of a mixed bunch but these are the few things I have on my wish list at the minute. I am sure in a week that will all change!

Thanks so much for reading




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