Wedding Shoes Part 1 – Irregular Choice Ban Joe


Since we are coming up to wedding season and summer I figure a lot of people will either be having their big day or attending some loved ones big day. I thought I would show you the few pairs of Irregular Choice in my collection that could either be worn by the blushing bride or by a lucky guest attending their fabulous day… maybe even bridesmaid material!!

I am going to do this in a series and figured I would kick it off with my own wedding shoes that I wore last April and have loved every day since.


I wore these amazing cream glitter Ban Joes on my big day but these weren’t the first pair I bought for my wedding. These were actually the 3rd pair!!!! I am so glad I went with these though and have since bought them in red, black and pink!


These first three photos are from my photographer on the day, I had worn them for an hour every evening just to break them in up until this point. They broke in pretty easily with a bit of pain across the top of my foot under the bow but nothing a thick pair of socks for a few days and a hair dryer couldn’t fix.


I wore these beauties all day from about 1pm until probably midnight when I changed into flip flops. On the day I didn’t actually have sole protectors on because I wanted the soles to show up in our photos which they did. Since then I put a pair of Madame Crystal sole protectors on and I have worn the shoes probably 3 times since then.


The bow did get a bit grubby during the night as my dress was long and heavy and the underskirt got quite grubby which I think rubbed on the bows but it’s hardly noticeable in person.


The heels are approx 3″ which is more than manageable for the whole day. Also if like me you are slightly taller it means you won’t be towering over people which is something I am always conscious of. (I am 5’10” and my mum and sister are only 5’3″)


If you are looking for a wedding shoe that you will be able to wear again and even wear casually with jeans (which I have done) these are an excellent choice! You can dress them up or down and either way they are FABULOUS!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading



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