Micro Bead Hair Extensions Review

You know when you really want to try something and you put it off for absolutely ages… That is how I was with hair extensions. I toyed around with the idea for years!! Especially coming up to my wedding earlier in the year. For that occassion I opted for clip in extensions which worked perfectly but the hankering for the real thing never really went away.

So eventually, after I went back to my natural dark brown colour, I plucked up the courage and got myself some shiny new extensions.

I went for a consultation in a local hair dressers, Esme Hair and Beauty, and we discussed options. For my first time I went with Micro Bead Hair Extensions. The stylist used two shades, 1A and B and mixed them through to try to make it a more natural colour.


So this was my hair beforehand. They used a full head worth of hair and it took two stylists roughly 2 hours to put them in. The cost was €280.00 in total.


So I will just give you a run down on my own personal experience with them. Within about two hours of my coming home I realised that long hair really does not suit me! This was such a big let down for me but when I pulled my hair into a pony tail I felt fabulous! It suited me so much better up so that is how I wore them for the majority of the time.

There is quite a bit of work involved in the hair washing process and you also need to buy good shampoo and conditioner products to keep them healthy, moisturised and shiny. Also after washing there is no way you can just let them dry with my hair as my own hair has a frizzy texture. I needed to use a lot of products, hair dryers, babyliss big hair and my straighteners to get them to look blended with my own hair. This is a zillion times more work than what I would ever put into my own hair!

I found that they were not very versatile and my dreams of big old messy buns were out because the beads didn’t really allow for that kind of style. Pony tails and half up half downs worked out really nicely though.

So really to sum up I cannot hack them at all. They are out now and unfortunately will not be going back in. One benefit of the beads is that my husband took them out with a pliers so if you are sure you aren’t going to be needing them again you can take them out yourself!

I love seeing them on other people and think they are so glamorous but unfortunately they just aren’t for me!!

I don’t want to put anyone off getting them, I waited almost 10 years to get them and if you are dreaming of them then I say try them at least once!

Thanks so much for reading lovelies



(photos were taken from Esme facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Esme-hair-and-beauty-358097817684793/ )


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