Planner Inserts for 2017 – Piaric


2017 is coming!!!!! The panic was unreal at the beginning of November when I realised I hadn’t ordered my inserts for next year!!!

The last few months have been a very difficult time for me and I would have been completely lost without my planner and all the details I had taken down in them. It has given me a whole new outlook and appreciation for my planners.

Last year I used mostly the pocket sized planners so this year I decided to use my personals again.

My go to for planner inserts is a little company on Facebook called Piaric. She does all kinds of different inserts from week on two pages to day per page, monthlies and basically anything you could possibly need.

Here is what I will be working with this year.


This is the overall year planner with all the months on one page. I love this for a quick overview of the year ahead, great for seeing what days birthdays land on etc.


I like to also keep a monthly planner. I use month on 2 pages for my monthly inserts.


My main use for these inserts are to jot down either a good thing that happened to me that day or an important event, birthday etc.

It is nice to use this for seeing what birthdays are coming up in the coming months and planning for them.


The main event then is for my daily pages. Last year I went with Week on Two pages but I just felt this year I needed a bit more space so I opted for Two Days per Page. It is a bit inconvenient as you can’t see your full week in one glance but it will just give me that little bit more writing room.

I also opted to have the pages lined, I like to use little check boxes and use it as a kind of to do list.

The first half of the week (Monday to Thursday) will be on the first two pages.


Friday to Sunday with a space for notes will then be on the next two pages.

What I like most about Piaric inserts is the beautiful quality of the paper, you can choose from different colours and styles and pretty much customise your whole planner.

I am so excited to get started with my new layout and hopefully it will be a fantastic 2017. Also if you are wondering, the planner in the photographs is a Medium Gillio Compagna in Green exterior Gold interior.

Hope that this might have helped in your planner insert struggle.

Lots of Love





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