It Fits!!! Irregular Choice Cinderella Shoes


Christmas is coming!!! The countdown has begun! I wanted to show you all the wonderful shoesies I have chosen to celebrate the day in. I got these shortly after the big release in October and have been squirelling them away until the perfect day to show them off. My niece is going to flip her lid when she sees them.


The detailing on these shoes are just amazing. The bow is jam packed gold glitter and when you walk there are tiny little LED lights in the bows that flash. I took a video of them but unfortunately I cannot upload it here. If I get a chance I will try my best to pop one up on YouTube to give you a better idea of how they flash. Centre of the bow is a super duper cute little gold heart with Cinderella on it.


The main body of the shoes are like a nude with lots of gold, silver and pink sequins.


One of my favourite details is that if you were to remove the bow from the toe area the top section of the shoe would be in the shape of a heart! Tooooo cute


The heel is in the same packed gold glitter as the bow!


Inside the Cinderella logo is in this adorable little heart section near the heel.


The glamour shot!!! Here you can take in the shoes in all their glory!


And of course Irregular Choice never miss a trick so the soles are bedazzled too!!!! Sole one is super cute Cinders and her Fairy God Mother!


Sole two is the gorgeous carriage and the castle!


These shoes are my first purchase from any of the Disney collections and I am in love with them. The fit is wonderful too! In Irregular Choice flats I usually vary between a 41 and a 42 but these are a 41 (I purchased the 42 also but they were just that teensy weensy bit too big. These are snug but comfortable.

Anywhooooo…. hope this has helped anyone who is considering investing in these beauties!

Lots of Love


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